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SongMatrix Retreat, 2024

This is an immersive experience with Wayne Chase, author of How Music REALLY Works! and SongMatrix: How Songwriting REALLY Works! (forthcoming).


About the Retreat

What goes into the making of a great song? Why do dozens or even hundreds of artists cover it? Why does it cross over to different genres? Why does it stick around for decades or even generations and become a classic?

For 30 years, Wayne Chase has been researching these questions by empirically comparing the world’s greatest songs with the songs of unsigned aspiring songwriters, and documenting the differences in songwriting technique.

Songwriters who have written timeless classics use many highly effective musical and lyrical techniques that are unknown to the mass of songwriters.

At this retreat, you will learn how to use the Song Audition Matrix ("SAM") to "audition" your songs. You will find out how your songs measure up against the finest songs ever written, and how to dramatically improve your own songwriting skills by learning and implementing the techniques of the masters.


Retreat Information and Booking

DATES: 2024, Dates to be determined.

LOCATION: REO Resort, Boston Bar, BC, Canada

INFORMATION & BOOKING: Bryan Fogelman 604-307-3122

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