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2019 Retreat...
Secrets of the Songwriting Masters: Learn and Apply Masterful Techniques That Wow and Win Audiences

This is a songwriting retreat—an immersive experience with Wayne Chase, author of How Music REALLY Works! and SongMatrix: How Songwriting REALLY Works! (forthcoming, 2020).

How Good—or Bad—Are Your Songs? Now You Can Find Out, Objectively

Just what makes a great song so memorable, appealing, and revered? Why do dozens or even hundreds of artists record it? Why does it cross over to different genres? Why does it stick around for decades or even generations and become a classic?

For 30 years, Wayne Chase has been researching these questions by empirically comparing the world’s greatest songs with the songs of unsigned aspiring songwriters, and documenting the differences in songwriting technique.

And there are a lot of differences.

Great songwriters—those who have written timeless classics—use many musical and lyrical techniques that are completely unknown to the mass of songwriters.

The Big Takeaway: You Get "SAM", the Song Quality Measurement Tool

At this retreat, you will learn how to use SAM to "audition" your songs. You will find out—objectively— how good (or terrible) your songs really are. If they come up short, you will learn how to get rid of the problems.

And you will take home a copy of SAM, with instructions on how to use it, so you can test, and greatly improve, any and all of your current and future songs.

SAM tests a song the way an audition tests a musician. When you audition to join a band or try out for a part in a show, your skill as a musician either passes the audition or fails it. With SAM, it's your song that either passes the "song audition" or fails it.

SAM is comprised of a list of techniques, both musical and lyrical, that go into the making of a song. SAM tests whether or not the song has what it takes to rise above the crowd, get noticed, and win large audiences. Each songwriting technique is "weighted" according to how important it is to the potential success of the song. The higher the total SAM Score (a number from 0 to 270), the more likely the song possesses the beauty and staying power necessary to join the ranks of the greats.

NOTE: SAM, the Song Audition Matrix, is NOT a computer app or algorithm! SAM is a series of techniques that require human perception and judgment that does not exist in the digital world—not even in the most sophisticated of AI applications.

Retreat Information and Booking

Learn how to use SAM and its underlying masterful songwriting techniques at Wayne’s immersive 2019 retreat:

August 5th - 9th, 2019
REO Resort
Boston Bar, BC, Canada
Information & Booking:
Bryan Fogelman 604-307-3122

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