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Auditioning Your Songs Using SongMatrix

Auditioning your songs is a do-it-yourself process. Once you learn SongMatrix, song auditioning becomes a necessary part of your songwriting life. When your song is great enough to pass the SongMatrix Audition, it will likely be great enough to bring you commercial success. SongMatrix provides you with the tools to make them great enough to pass.

  • Consistent songwriting excellence depends on the mastery and use of certain musical and lyrical techniques. The art of songwriting is like the art of figure skating. When a figure skater's technical skills reach a significant level of development, he or she stands a great chance of creating Olympic-worthy artistic routines consistently, time after time. A great figure skating routine emerges from a matrix of well-honed techniques. Similarly, great songs emerge from a matrix of great musical and lyrical techniques.

  • Today's songwriters are like poorly-trained figure skaters with weak technical skating skills and little or no knowledge or expertise on how to do the jumps, spins, and other maneuvers—yet trying to make the Olympics. Today's songwriters simply lack the know-how to write great songs. Mediocre songs emerge from a matrix of ineffectual, maladaptive musical and lyrical techniques. And that probably applies to your songwriting techniques.

SongMatrix enables you to take your songs up to "brilliant" quality before anyone else hears them.

  • SongMatrix provides you with the power to repeatedly audition and improve your songs with constant quantitative feedback (numerical scores) on your songs' musical and lyrical technical strengths and weaknesses. Those numerical scores enable you to track and make improvements to your songs until they score high enough to pass the SongMatrix audition.

  • Songs with low SongMatrix audition scores make little or no lasting emotional impact on audiences. They stand little or no chance of becoming commercially successful—just as figure skaters with poor skating and technical skills stand little or no chance of creating Olympic-level routines.

  • Songs with high SongMatrix audition scores—high enough to pass the audition—stand a good chance of becoming broadly popular and commercially successful.
  • SongMatrix enables you to audition your songs objectively before you present them to the world. When you audition a song using SongMatrix, you get a lot of quantitative feedback including: one total score indicating how technically strong the song is musically; another total score indicating how technically strong it is lyrically; and several dozen sub-scores, one for each individual musical and lyrical technique. With this quantitative information, you know precisely where and why the song is strong, where and why it's weak, and exactly how to remove weaknesses and reinforce strengths.
  • SongMatrix works by identifying and exploiting measurable differences in the effectiveness of various songwriting techniques. Some songwriting techniques work far better than others in capturing the attention and imagination of listeners. SongMatrix enables you to learn and use the techniques that work well, and to avoid techniques that just don't cut it.

How can you tell whether SongMatrix is improving your songwriting skills and songs?
  • By measuring your songs. All of the technical variables that comprise any song—whether it's a great classic song or an original song of your own—exist in some quantity. Quantity means numbers. Numbers mean measurement.

  • If you can measure the quantity of something, you can improve it. That's what SongMatrix empowers you to do: to measure the quantity of various musical and lyrical variables, or techniques, in any of your original songs. These variables directly affect song quality. The higher the quantity of certain musical and lyrical variables, the better the song—the greater the probability that the song will immediately connect emotionally with audiences. Songs with high SongMatrix scores are songs that audiences want to hear again and again and want to own in the form of downloads, CDs, and tickets to live performances.

  • Each SongMatrix technique has an associated number, or weighted value, that has been found through careful experimental research to correspond to its value in capturing audience attention and triggering emotional responses in listeners.

  • As you learn SongMatrix, you learn to apply the most advantageous techniques to your own songwriting—techniques that are weighted as most valuable. And you learn to avoid using techniques that are disadvantageous and weaken a song.

  • Because you can repeatedly audition the same song using SongMatrix, you can change various musical and lyrical components to keep improving the song's audition score. This enables you to hugely improve the quality of the song. The higher the SongMatrix audition score for any song, the more likely the song has the potential to become a classic. The lower the score, the less likely.

How high does a total score need to be, in order to pass the SongMatrix audition?
  • A typical SongMatrix audition score (music + lyrics) for a great song ranges from about 150 to about 200. By contrast, a typical SongMatrix audition score for an "ordinary" song, such as a song by an unknown singer-songwriter or a song on the Billboard charts, ranges from about 20 to about 60. (This is probably the range for the songs you currently write, or have written.)

  • Once you learn the SongMatrix techniques and skills, you will be able to raise the audition totals for your own original songs to the 150-to-200 range. Does this mean that any song you write that scores in the range of 150 to 200 is guaranteed to be of "classic" quality? The answer is that the probability will be high, perhaps in the range of 80 percent.

  • Research findings indicate that SongMatrix scores correlate remarkably well with listeners' aesthetic perceptions and emotional reactions. So the higher the SongMatrix audition score, the more likely audiences will find your song compelling and emotionally powerful. If you were to write, say 12 songs, all of them scoring 150 to 200 on SongMatrix, it's highly likely that eight to ten of those songs would be of "classic" quality, and you would have a million-dollar catalogue. The industry would be extremely interested in your songwriting skills.

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