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What Is SongMatrix?

matrix n, pl matrices, matrixes    A substance, situation, or environment in which something has its origin, takes form, or is enclosed.
                                                                      —COLLINS DICTIONARY

SongMatrix is not a software application. It's not a mathematical algorithm. And it's not a commercial service.

SongMatrix is a set of songwriting techniques combined with a quantitative song audition process.

  • If you write a song that passes the SongMatrix audition, it is highly likely that audiences will want to hear the song again and again and again, and will pay to own it via CD, iTunes download, and/or performance ticket.

  • If you write a song that fails the SongMatrix audition, it is highly likely that, unless you revise it, no one except your family and friends will ever want to hear it again, let alone pay to own it. (This is the case with more than 99% of songs written today, even by professional songwriters.)

  • SongMatrix pinpoints various elements in the lyrics and music of your song that need revision, and what changes you need to make. This enables you to turn a problematic song into a brilliant one.

SongMatrix is a weighted and ranked matrix of 44 measurable advantageous songwriting techniques, or skills. The current version of SongMatrix (Version 4.1) comprises a total of 26 musical techniques and 18 lyrical techniques. The Songmatrix techniques, and the audition process, while quantifiable, cannot be "computerized."

  • Nearly all of today's songwriters are totally ignorant—completely clueless about these vital skills. That's why they are incapable of writing truly great songs. Yet, the techniques and skills that comprise SongMatrix have been consistently used by the world's greatest songwriters for generationssongwriters such as Lennon-McCartney, George Gershwin, Bob Dylan, Cole Porter, Joni Mitchell, Smokey Robinson, Paul Simon, Richard Rodgers, Hank Williams Sr., etc.

What You Need to Know Before You Can Learn SongMatrix
  • You need to know how to play basic chords on a guitar or piano (major chords, minor chords, sevenths, etc.). However, you do not need to know complex jazz chords.

  • You need a foundational knowledge music basics such as scale types (e.g., major and minor) and meter types (4/4 vs 3/4, etc.). You can get this information from the book How Music REALLY Works, 2nd Edition, by Wayne Chase. You'll find the first 6 chapters (470 pages) available for free at www.howmusicreallyworks.com. The book has no music notation.

    Speaking of which...

  • You do not need to know how to read or write music notation to learn SongMatrix. Not knowing music notation did not stand in the way of legendary songwriters such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Irving Berlin, Stevie Wonder, and a long list of other songwriting giants.

  • You do not need to be an expert instrumental player to learn SongMatrix.

Why Learn SongMatrix?

  • You will never acquire the know-how to write brilliant, commercially viable songs—song after song, consistently—if you do not learn the skills and techniques of SongMatrix. Without the skills, you will never earn significant songwriting royalties, no matter how many songs you write.

  • The SongMatrix techniques and skills apply to all genres of music—rock, pop, country, alternative/indie, etc. So if you learn the SongMatrix techniques, and if you repeatedly audition your songs and improve them until they pass the SongMatrix audition threshold, you will have excellent prospects of reaping the commercial benefits, regardless of your preferred genre.

  • If you write songs only for yourself, your family, friends, and current fan base, and you have no interest in extending the audience for your songs, then SongMatrix is probably not for you.

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