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About Wayne Chase

Wayne Chase, Author of How Music Really Works and Song Matrix

Wayne Chase
is the world's leading authority on the creation of brilliant music and lyrics. He is the author of half a dozen reference works on musical and lyrical technique.
Chase began his career in music at age 14 as a DJ, an activity he continued through his years at the University of Alberta, where he studied genetics, psychology, and music history. After graduating, he spent half a dozen years as a researcher in several areas of health, then switched to the music business.

Since the 1980s, Chase has worked as a music scholar, record producer, session player, recording engineer, and instructor in songwriting, music production, the music business, and recording arts. He invented the "Chase chart," a visual method of chord progression analysis, which first appeared in his book, How Music REALLY Works!, 1st Edition. He is also the developer of SongMatrix, a process of quantitatively auditioning the musical and lyrical technical characteristics of songs to determine their quality and probability of having a significant emotional impact on audiences

As well, Chase is an expert in the identification, measurement, and analysis of emotional meaning in language and other media. He invented a related technology (Connotative Intelligence), and holds five patents in the field. His expertise in this area informs the lyrics section of How Music REALLY Works!, 2nd Edition.

To contact Wayne Chase by email: wchase@roedyblack.com.